Guidelines to Help You Choose Your Denture

Dentures can be a benefit to you whether you are missing all or just a few of your natural teeth. Your new dentures can be made to resemble your own natural teeth so that there is little change in your appearance. The dentures may even improve your look by giving you a more confident smile and help fill out the appearance of your face and profile.

DentuCare offer three main types of dentures,  standard economy dentures, regular personalised dentures and the premium personalised dentures.

As with many things in life— “we get what we choose as well as what we pay for!”


The purpose of this information is to inform you about our various services, and to help you decide which is best suited to your needs.

By understanding the various options, you will be fully informed as to which type of denture you will be receiving.

#1. Standard Economy Denture

Suitable for: For patients who simply require a replacement denture with no or minimal change.

The standard economy denture is made using only quality 3 layer teeth and impact resistant Meliodent heat cured acrylic for the base. It comes with a 3 month warranty and includes up to 3 complimentary adjustments.

#2. Regular Personalised Denture

Suitable For: For patients who want a more natural appearance. For patients who want more quality than what an economy denture offers and who want the option of follow up service after the issue of the dentures.

Description: The REGULAR PERSONALISED DENTURE is made using a characterised, heat cured, high impact Melliodent acrylic resin for the base.

It will have gum carving and high quality Portrait IPN Teeth. The teeth are set in a balanced occlusion and wax replicas are available to be taken home to show family. Try ins are not limited and a personalised natural set up of the teeth is available.

Adjustments are available any time during the first 6 months. The new denture is covered for 12 months by our limited warranty.

#3. Premium Personalised Denture

Suitable For: For patients requiring our highest quality denture and teeth. For patients who have special cosmetic needs.

Description: The PREMIUM PERSONALISED DENTURE is made using only Portrait IPN or Mondial denture teeth which are made with the first denture acrylic material to feature Nano Pearls®, a combination of unique micro fillers and nano particles that far exceeds the standard material requirements.

The denture base is made from an injection moulded high impact PalaExpress acrylic resin. The teeth are set in a fully balanced occlusion using a specially designed articulator.

You are invited to have as much input as necessary to achieve the cosmetic outcome you desire, including old photos and before and after images of your new denture. Adjustments are unlimited until you are fully satisfied with your new denture and it is covered for 2 years under our limited warranty.

Other enhancements such as metal palate or reinforcement, clear palate, gold inlays or gum tinting are also available with this choice.


DentuCare will warranty dentures and partials for an agreed period if a tooth or the denture breaks or chips under normal use.

Accidents such as dropping your denture are not covered. Due to the nature of dentures, we cannot guarantee your comfort or ability to accommodate these artificial appliances.

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