Denture Relines

What are Denture Relines?

A Denture Reline is the placement of an entirely new fitting surface on your denture.
This becomes necessary because our mouths are in a constant state of change. Simply gaining or losing weight can have an effect on the shape of our gums. Also, from about age forty, we can use up more bone cells than our body produces, thereby causing our whole body size to alter. Combine all this with the normal wear of your denture from eating and cleaning everyday and you soon realize that all dentures will require relining on a regular basis.

Reline of your upper denture will usually provide more suction, but with the lower, the best you can expect in most cases is simply more stability and less food flowing under the denture. Relining rarely has any effect on the appearance of your denture. Suction on a lower denture is also very rare.

In the case of an Immediate Denture or Post Extraction Denture, the first reline must be done within six months of the extractions. Failure to reline may cause the growth of hyperplasic tissue which may cause difficulty with wearing your denture. If you suspect you may have hyperplasic tissue growth, consult your DP and request a full oral examination or referral to a specialist. Modern surgical and laser techniques make the removal of hyperplasic tissue relatively straightforward. More information on Laser Dentistry.

Every denture should be checked after two years to ensure correct fit. Most Health Funds and Department of Veteran Affairs acknowledge the importance of relines and usually offer a rebate every two years.

Temporary or In-Mouth Relines are available in some cases. The challenge with most materials used for in-mouth or temporary relines is that they tend to discolour very quickly and because they are not cured under heat and pressure as the permanent relines are, they tend to be porous and therefore a harbor for bacteria. That in turn can cause bad mouth odour or halitosis .

Soft Relines are another option you may need to consider if you have tender gums that are always sore after eating. It is important to realize though, that all soft liners have a limited life and will need replacement after 2 years. At DentuCare Denture Professionals, we currently use Densply PermaSoft® Soft Reline material which we have found maintains it’s softness more than many others that are available. Ideally it should have a sealant coat applied after 12 months.

Fast Denture Relines

At DentuCare Denture Professionals, we offer a Same Day Service for the reline of acrylic dentures provided you are able to have your first visit by 9.00 am. Other denture base materials may take longer to have relined – check with us.

When NOT to Reline a Denture!

It is important to remind ourselves that dentures are not intended to last forever. The vertical distance between the nose and the chin must be maintained at the correct distance to avoid overclosure, which often results in the “granny” appearance and the teeth feeling “blunt”. If the teeth are worn, the bite feels wrong or the dentures feel overclosed, then it is generally time for a new denture, not a reline.

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