What is a Service

When you place your trust in the team at DentuCare Denture Professionals, you will be receiving a service that is specifically designed to meet your needs and a service that has no hidden or surprise extras beyond the quoted fee.. We use only the best quality materials and take pride in meeting your expectations.

No Two Dentures Are Alike

Many patients unfortunately see dentures as “goods” That perception is clearly wrong because “goods” are what we go to our local supermarket or department store for. All “goods” are mass produced and therefore have specific costs involved in their production. It is because of the misconception that dentures are “goods” that we see so many patients shopping around for the best price.That strategy is OK if we are comparing apples with apples, but dentures are not a mass produced “good”, they are individually crafted by a specific craftsperson to suit your individual needs, so what you are really shopping around for is a quality of service!.

No two dentures are ever alike because the provision of dentures is an inexact science, unlike mass production of “goods” which is repetitive and exact. Variation in fees between different providers is no guarantee that you will receive the service you expect, it is generally only a reflection of the level of service that provider is willing to offer you.

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