Implant Dentures

What are Implant Dentures?

Implant Retained Dentures are without doubt the most successful way to return to your ability to eat most foods and enjoy eating and living with a denture that remains in position as you eat and talk. Implant Retained Dentures can restore your chewing ability to as much as 95% that of natural teeth, whereas unrestrained dentures rely solely on suction or the action of your lips, cheeks and tongue to hold it in place whilst eating. Most people have only 10% chewing ability with unrestrained dentures.

It has now become a considerably more affordable and straightforward procedure to have implant dentures and the results will impress everyone who cares to assess the procedure. Modern techniques allow existing dentures to be used over the implants in some cases, provided the dentures are in a very good condition and are functionally correct.
DentuCare Denture Professionals are now pleased to be able to offer a free initial consultation with our in house implant specialist, Dr. Amit Shah. He is a very competent specialist periodontist who specialises in the procedure and is highly respected by his peers.

You are welcome to contact Dr Shah direct on 07 3287 5552 or visit his website

If you are looking for someone closer to Brisbane, we can recommend the following:

Australian Institute Of Dental Education And Research

We also recommend The Australian Institute of Dental Research and Education, The AIDER, who now offer a very competitively priced implant service.

Their promotional brochure is available for download in our PDF Download section.

Their highly experienced specialists provide cost effective state of the art therapy using the latest technology and proven concepts in implant dentistry. AIDER are offering the first implant consultation with a specialist for free. You will of course have to pay for your radiographs though.

For more information or to make an appointment, visit their website at

Implant Denture (Model)

Implant Retained Dentures are without doubt the most successful form of dentures.

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