Post Extraction Dentures

What is a Post Extraction Denture?

Post – Extraction Dentures are constructed after your teeth are extracted and your gums feel comfortable enough to take impressions. This time period can be as early as one week. We can then have your denture made within two weeks.

If you choose to wait longer, then even more healing can take place thereby reducing the need for temporary liners and increasing the ability for a more pleasing outcome.

The Advantages of Post Extraction Dentures

The biggest advantage of Post – Extraction Dentures is the ability to try your new dentures in your mouth before completion. The degree of satisfaction with this method is increased twofold, especially if you are looking for a functional and esthetically pleasing change.

Post – Extraction Dentures allow the DP to fabricate your new dentures with the same measurements and techniques normally used in denture construction and design. The decision you make in regards to Immediate Denture or Post – Extraction Denture will be determined by your unique situation with the help of your dentist and DP.

Post – Extraction Dentures generally require fewer relines and temporary liners, however, it is still important for you to have the fit of your new denture checked regularly to reduce the possibility of hyperplasic tissue growth. A Post- Extraction Denture may be the best choice if you are replacing only your posterior teeth because you will have a better fit from the beginning and usually less discomfort.

If you choose a Chrome Cobalt Metal Casting, Valplast® or Lucitone® FRS™ denture, it may also be advisable to wait until the bone and gums have healed because there can be difficulty in relining those materials.

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